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Coffeelogical reviews of coffees, roasters, and the equipment you need to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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Brewing Tutorials and Coffee Hacks

Coffeelogical brings you tips, tuts, and tricks to help you understand the brewing process and make a consistently good cup of coffee.

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Coffee Break!

Coffeelogical ramblings on coffee, God, and anything else that comes to mind.  Grab a cup and relax for a minute.


The Logic of Coffeelogical

Why another coffee blog? Aren't there enough of them out there?  Well, yes, there are a lot, and many of them are great resources. But Coffeelogical has a twist or two that makes it unique from all the others.

First of all, the name Coffeelogical is a combination play on the words "coffee" and "theology." We've created a place where we can drink coffee, explore the nature of the Creator of the universe, and enjoy all kinds of stuff in between.

A second twist is our love for traditional slipjoint pocket knives. So we created a section simply for pictures of knives and coffee, which is a unique little niche all on its own.

So grab a cup of coffee, of whatever variety you like: black or with cream and sugar, hot or cold, flavored or single origin, weak or strong (even instant, I guess, if that's all you have...), and browse around a bit. Enjoy your time here, and come back often!

Coffee & Knives

Yankee Jack

Great Eastern Cutlery, Tidioute
Yankee Jack

Washington Jack

Great Eastern Cutlery
Washington Jack

Washington Jack

Great Eastern Cutlery
Washington Jack



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